Maria Sharapova Dismisses Talks About Tennis Comeback

Maria Sharapova Dismisses Talks About Tennis Comeback

by Sebastian Dahlman

Maria Sharapova is not planning a tennis comeback dismissing the idea altogether in a recent talk with Rennae Stubbs.

Maria Sharapova has been retired for a while now however she only became a mother recently. It's been an amazing experience for the Russian who now has a chance to become yet another mother who returns to the WTA Tour.

We've seen a few in recent years, such as Tatjana Maria, Elina Svitolina, and Caroline Wozniacki. The most similar situation to hers is the one of Wozniacki, who recently returned with a really solid level, so people got curious. She was asked about potentially returning to tennis after becoming a mother on the Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast, but she ruled it out.

I don't know how they do it, I don't see that in my future.

Sharapova rules out playing in the future

Sharapova hasn't struggled with being retired as she found plenty of things to do. She started her business career while being a player, and it's been a huge part of her life since she retired from the sport. She enjoys it, and it makes her happy, so there is no void to be filled. She actually opened up in the same interview how similarly she approached tennis and business.

I see a lot of similarities and in business like to understand how these puzzles align and sometimes you want them to align and you do everything you can and they don't. It's just the way and then you have to like go back to the drawing board and yeah, but I love, I love stepping back."

Sharapova on being analytical in tennis and business

Considering all of that and the fact that she's a mother now there is very little motivation to play tennis and not that much of time. It would be a sacrifice she's not willing to make.


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