'We're Going To Dinner': Sharapova Recounts Favourite Memory With Djokovic

'We're Going To Dinner': Sharapova Recounts Favourite Memory With Djokovic

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova had some iconic moments together and one of those was actually a dinner once.

Djokovic and Sharapova have known each other since they were young tennis players on Tour. They've been quite friendly for a very long time, as they both used Head racquets and actually did a few commercials together for the brand.

Djokovic also became quite famous by doing an impression of Sharapova during his early days, which was a great source of banter between them. Now, Sharapova revealed another story about how they went to dinner after she lost a bet.

She revealed it in during a recent appereance in the Rennae Stubbs podcast.

Oh god, no, I have this funny story with Novak. I remember we had won our first Grand Slams, it was at the time he was getting there, getting to the top and his body was not at the level of his tennis.

We played this mini-exhibition at Indian Wells. I don't remember what the bet was, but he said if he won the bet, we're gonna go to dinner. And I was like, 'Okay, fine, whatever, like it's going to happen'. And then he ended up winning and was like, 'Yeah, we're going to dinner. And it was so funny, he was like (at the dinner), 'Can we take a photo?'

That was not the only thing Sharapova talked about regarding Djokovic. She also praised him for everything he had done since then. She always knew he had what it takes to be a star, but nobody really expected him to do this well.

I know him very well and it's incredible to see how passionate he is, and this element of longevity he has, how he treats his body, how his preparations are, it's fascinating.

Sharapova on Djokovic and his achievements


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