'I Bet On Myself To Continue To Go Big': Gauff Explains Bigger Picture Behind Double Faults

'I Bet On Myself To Continue To Go Big': Gauff Explains Bigger Picture Behind Double Faults

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff struggled with her serve in the match against Paula Badosa at the 2024 Italian Open, totaling 11 double faults, but there was a clear intent behind it.

Double faults are part of tennis; they simply happen. Whether it's on the men's side with Maxime Cressy and his dozens of double faults or the women's side with tens of double faults for several players, it's just something that happens on occasion.

It's not a good thing, but Gauff is willing to accept it in pursuit of improvement. The American has now served 35 double faults in three matches in Rome, which isn't a good mark, and she talked about it when asked by the media about it.

She is winning, though, so it won't be talked about too much as long as she keeps that up.

"I’ve been working on it. I think today, even though the double-faults were there, I think it was still a better performance than it was last night. I think for me the focus will be getting more first serves in."

"I think my first-serve percentage was low, but my win percentage was in the high 70s or something like that. I think once I can get that down…"

There is also a very clear intent there. She has one of the more powerful serves on the WTA Tour and she doesn't want to lose it. She's intentionally going for a big first serve, which increases the chance of missing it, but she knows if she keeps working on it, one day it will be a tremendous weapon to have.

"I’m going big on the first serve, so I know I’m probably going to miss more. I think it’s just finding the balance of going big but also knowing when to slow down the pace just to get the serve in. Honestly, I mean, I bet on myself to continue to go big."

"I know when I go big and my serve goes in, it’s dangerous. Even though this tournament I want to win, I’m trying to think long-term. I don’t want to lose the 120 serve by not going for it."


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