'I'm Going To Have Tantrums': Medvedev Takes Step Back On Previous Attempts To Calm

'I'm Going To Have Tantrums': Medvedev Takes Step Back On Previous Attempts To Calm

by Zachary Wimer

Daniil Medvedev has admitted in the past that he should take better care of his emotions on the tennis court, but he's now pulled that claim back, admitting that sometimes tantrums will happen.

The Russian is no stranger to temper tantrums on the tennis court, but most of the time, they're more hilarious than those of Andrey Rublev, which are more aggressive in nature.

Medvedev had some problematic moments on the court as well, so it's not like he's completely innocent, but he did recognize the problem. He sometimes distracts himself with a tantrum and loses focus, which can impact his performance on the court, which he wasn't happy about.

He wanted to do better for many reasons, though now, in the present, the Russian seemingly returned to loudly sharing his disagreement. The most recent outburst he had happened at the Monte-Carlo Masters when he blasted the umpire after a missed call.

"You go look at the mark, the mark is fricking out. They don’t know how to referee anymore; the mark is out. Who will take action? Who will take action?"

Medvedev in Monte-Carlo

Now in Rome, a much calmer Medvedev shared his thoughts on his tantrums, admitting that he won't stop having them because occasionally they'll happen. He's human; he has emotions, and it's impossible to shut that down completely.

"I’m going to have some tantrums, and stuff like this, that’s just who I am. I’m not going to be able to beat it, because if I beat it, it’s just as if I’m hiding it. And it’s not good hiding things."

It's good to have some character on the ATP Tour because we connect as people that way. Seeing him complain is reliable to many people, but obviously, there are limits, and Rublev's recent disqualification showed that.


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