'Don't Like To Be Known For Tantrums': Medvedev On Leaving A Legacy

'Don't Like To Be Known For Tantrums': Medvedev On Leaving A Legacy

by Balasz Virag

Daniil Medvedev is hopeful of leaving behind a good legacy and not one that is filled with outbursts and temper tantrums.

The Russian is one of the most entertaining players on the ATP Tour. From his 'octopus' playstyle to his hilarious post-match press conferences, the Russian is never a dull affair. That's certainly the case on the court as well as he always brings a lot of personality to his matches.

The Russian is quite known for an outburst or two though they're not on the level of Alexander Bublik or as passionate as those of Andrey Rublev. He has a way with words finding hilarious ways to share his frustration though it's not something he wants to be remembered for.

As a tennis player, Medvedev would mostly prefer to be remembered as a good tennis player though it might be a bit too late for him to completely erase all the outbursts. Still, he hopes to be a better example in the future as he does regret a few of them. There is also plenty of time to add to his tennis legacy which already is pretty decent.

If it's a good thing, yeah. I don't like for sure to be known for let's say some tantrums or things like this because that's some of the things I regret.

Medvedev talks legacy

At least young kids will know that you don't have to look as great as Roger Federer to play tennis. Some of those tantrums are immortalized on film but so are plenty of other things as well. That's one part of social media he enjoys, being able to go back when he's older and remember or possibly show his kids.

About the fun things, for sure I love it. I love the fact that, I mean, now social media is everything, so maybe when I'm 50 years old I could go and still see my videos with some funny things. Maybe you know they're going to show it to the kids who will not see me play. Say, Look, there was a guy who did these crazy things on the court. Hopefully the good ones.

Which should I choose like the best one? I had some good ones. Yeah, I would go for my speeches. I love my speeches and interviews after the match. I will not choose one. Yeah, US Open final when I lost to Rafa was quite fun because I was for sure disappointed, but I managed to play it good.


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