Gauff's 'Voice And Platform Going To Transcend The Sport' Says Sharapova

Gauff's 'Voice And Platform Going To Transcend The Sport' Says Sharapova

by Zachary Wimer

Maria Sharapova is a huge fan of Coco Gauff, especially because of her outspoken and fearless nature.

Gauff is one of the best tennis players in the world and still fairly young. That's important because she's going to be part of the sport at least for the next decade, and that's great because not only is she a great role model on the court, but she's also a great role model off the tennis court.

Sharapova was there for the brightest moment of her career, watching closely as the American was writing history. Winning the US Open was such a huge achievement for her, and Sharapova recalled that in a recent interview with the Tennis Channel after marking 20 years since her iconic win over Serena Williams at the 2004 Wimbledon Championship.

"I was waiting for Coco to get up there. So, I remember attending the first round of her match which was a tough match at the US Open and then I went back home and then I was contemplating coming back and I just wanted to witness her win because I think she has such an amazing head on her shoulders."

Besides her on-court achievements, Sharapova is also a huge fan of Gauff and what she does off the court. The teenager has never been shy about speaking her mind, even on complicated matters, which matters greatly to Sharapova.

She believes that Gauff has a voice that can transcend the sport, and she's not wrong. She's proven herself capable in the past, and there is no reason to doubt that she can do so in the future.

"I think she has a voice and a platform that's going to transcend the sport. As we know now sport is not just tennis, it's fashion, it's art, it's culture, it's having a platform, and I think she does brilliantly of merging all of those together."


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