'Too Polite Compared To College': Shelton Explains Why Rowdy Crowds Don't Surprise Him

'Too Polite Compared To College': Shelton Explains Why Rowdy Crowds Don't Surprise Him

by Zachary Wimer

Ben Shelton doesn't think the atmosphere at Wimbledon compares to the atmosphere from his college matches, but he still enjoys it because it's noisy.

Shelton comes from college tennis, which is well known for having a rowdier atmosphere than regular tennis matches on the ATP Tour. Tennis has a code of fan behavior, which includes remaining silent during points, which isn't necessarily true for college tennis.

Many American players have called for more noise during tennis matches, but it's not something that we'll likely ever see. Outside of the United States, very few players actually endorse that idea, not having experienced the college tennis system and rowdy atmosphere.

After his most recent win at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships, Shelton spoke about the atmosphere in London after his brilliant win over Lloyd Harris in five sets. There was plenty of noise in that match, but it doesn't compare to college tennis in any way because it's too polite, according to Shelton.

"I think it's a little bit too polite to be a college environment, a little bit too respectful. The noise is definitely there. In college, I think there is a little more screaming during the play, some more name-calling, and things you can't speak about on live TV. Didn't get that today. Mostly positive."

Shelton talks the Wimbledon atmosphere

Shelton certainly enjoyed his time on the tennis court, even though he won't really get the college atmosphere in London. He might get something similar at the US Open, where he played amazing tennis last year.

If he performs at a similar level this year, then he'll get that rowdy crowd behind him, which will be important in the later stages. He thrives in that environment, but during the grass-court major, he will have to battle past his opponents in a more polite environment.


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