'Not Watchable': Sinner And Zverev Called 'Boring To Watch' By Former Wimbledon Doubles Winner

'Not Watchable': Sinner And Zverev Called 'Boring To Watch' By Former Wimbledon Doubles Winner

by Zachary Wimer

Former Wimbledon doubles champion Frederik Nielsen has come out to say that Jannik Sinner and Alexander Zverev are not watchable players.

Watching tennis is uniquely personal for every person. We don't all like the same things, nor do we enjoy watching the same players. Some players are widely beloved while others are not, and some players are more exciting to watch than others.

Therefore, it's impossible to determine which player is a great watch because it's so specific to the individual. According to former ATP player Nielsen, neither Sinner nor Zverev are great to watch, as he explained in an interview with SpilXperten.

"Among active players, I would probably point to Taylor Fritz, Alexander Zverev, and Jannik Sinner. Zverev doesn’t seem like he enjoys being there. I respect that he plays efficiently, but it’s not watchable."

Nielsen picks his player that are 'boring to watch'

"Honestly, I also find Jannik Sinner a bit boring to watch because everything is so monotonous. He’s almost too good a guy."

Nielsen's opinion is pretty interesting, especially because he didn't share who he finds exciting to watch in the same interview, so it's hard to really understand why he finds these players boring.

Zverev does have an affinity for playing long rallies, but Sinner is very active and hits winners often. According to some, it may not be that boring to watch, but again, it's subjective.

What he likes to watch is likely not what somebody else likes to watch. What's certain, though, is that Sinner is among the best players in the world, so it doesn't get much better than the level he produces.

Same goes for Zverev, and Taylor Fritz isn't really far off, either. So even if they were boring to watch, as long as it produces results for them, isn't that the main goal?


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