Raducanu Explains Decision To Play Mixed Doubles With Murray At Wimbledon

Raducanu Explains Decision To Play Mixed Doubles With Murray At Wimbledon

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu will play mixed doubles with Andy Murray at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships, and after her second-round win, she explained why she made the decision.

Raducanu is not a player who generally plays doubles because she predominantly focuses on her singles career. It's where she does her best, and that's one of the reasons why she probably never had a reason to expand onto the doubles court.

Even so, at times, the Brit gets an impulse to play doubles, and she's going to do it this year at Wimbledon. Raducanu has floated the idea of playing mixed doubles with Andy Murray a few times in the past, with both confirming they would be open to it.

Murray is one of the biggest names in British tennis history, so just playing with him is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That's how Raducanu explained her decision to team up with the Brit.

This is the final time she can do it because Murray is set to retire this year, possibly even after Wimbledon, making it the final opportunity for her to team up with him.

"My doubles record isn’t the longest or most vast. I couldn’t say no. It’s a once in a life time opportunity. It’s a dream of mine since I was a young girl. Andy is a hero to all of us."

Raducanu explains her decision to team up with Murray

"For me it’s a real gift and it’s a real honor that he asked me. It’s a moment I could never say no to. I’m super excited to be on the mixed doubles court and hopefully learn a thing or two about coming to the net or something."

It's a fairly interesting pairing that could do some damage in the mixed doubles, especially with Raducanu's current form. She crushed Elise Mertens in the second-round match and is looking like a good contender for the second week of the event, and she may bring that form onto the mixed doubles court.


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