Alcaraz Admits To Crying After Roland Garros Triumph But Not Because Of Victory

Alcaraz Admits To Crying After Roland Garros Triumph But Not Because Of Victory

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz is cold-blooded on the tennis court, but he's an emotional individual, as he recently revealed.

Alcaraz conveys emotion in interesting ways during a match. You can feel how much it means to him because he's very animated. He's similar to Rafael Nadal as he plays matches fairly seriously and celebrates heavily when on big points.

In that sense, it's easy to see his emotional side. On the flip side, you can also see a player who looks in control most of the time. Even when the match is on the line, the Spaniard demonstrates an impressive level of calmness.

He doesn't look overly emotional, but according to the Spaniard himself, he's a fairly emotional individual. He admitted to crying after his Roland Garros triumph after seeing his parents cry.

"One of the things about tennis is that you travel a lot and my dad and older brother come with me. My older brother is my hitting partner. But mum can’t come because she is looking after the two little ones."

"So getting home is great because I miss them. The longer you are away, the more you realise how much you need them."

Being in touch with emotions is perfectly normal, and more people embracing it can only do good in a society where repressing emotions has become more common than it used to be.

Part of that is his strong bond with family, highlighted by how quickly he goes home after every tennis tournament that he plays on the ATP Tour.

"When I finish a tournament, it doesn’t matter if I win or not, I just want to get home to be with my family. I live with my mum and dad, my older brother and two younger brothers. To them I am not a big tennis star, just a normal guy."


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