Andy Murray To Partner With Raducanu In Mixed Doubles At His Last Wimbledon

Andy Murray To Partner With Raducanu In Mixed Doubles At His Last Wimbledon

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray won't be playing singles in his last Wimbledon appearance, but he'll play doubles and mixed doubles, with the latter pairing happening with Emma Raducanu.

Raducanu and Murray as mixed doubles partners has been an idea for a long time, as both of them admitted that they would be open to it. The experienced Brit even said that the 2021 US Open champion is the type of player that he would like to coach in the future, which some have floated as a possibility down the line as well.

It's now confirmed that Murray will partner with Raducanu at this year's Wimbledon in the mixed doubles. It's his final Wimbledon appearance, and partnering with Raducanu will certainly create a lot of buzz.

He's also going to play with his brother Jamie for the first time ever at Wimbledon. It's also surprising that they never played doubles together at Wimbledon, but it shows how much Murray was dedicated to the singles for much of his career.

Unfortunately, due to the recent back injury, Murray won't be playing in the singles draw due to the workload the body has to endure in singles. Doubles is a bit easier on the body, so that's why he probably opted for double duty, playing both Gentlemen's and Mixed Doubles tournaments.

The hope is that Murray's body will handle the double duty. There is always a chance that he could suffer another setback, but he clearly did everything possible to prevent that from happening, as his most recent updates have been quite positive, despite the withdrawal.

Murray's announcement of playing both doubles and mixed doubles is another positive sign that he expects his body to hold up. Now, it's all about going out there on the court and actually playing. Everybody, including him, will have a better idea of his status after that happens.


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