"Everyone wants to see her play" - Mouratoglou on Serena Williams' comeback

"Everyone wants to see her play" - Mouratoglou on Serena Williams' comeback

by Zachary Wimer

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Serena Williams retired at this year's US Open but the tennis world still considers her comeback as she also hinted it a few times.

It's always difficult to say goodbye to the greatest in the game and tennis fans had to that two times this year as both Serena Williams and Roger Federer retired from professional tennis. Patrick Mouratoglou, who was coaching the 23-time Grand Slam champion for 10 years knows her really well and he spoke about her retirement recently.

"Do I want to see her play? I want to see her play again. Yes, yes, if she enjoys herself on the court. For that, she has to feel strong. If she doesn't feel strong, she won't enjoy herself. I want to see her play good tennis. If she can play good tennis, of course, I want to see her play. Everyone wants to see her play," Mouratoglou said in a talk with Eurosport.

"I think to be exceptional at something, and God knows she's been exceptional, you have to be a little bit obsessive about it. You have to be 100% focused on the activity, otherwise even for tennis geniuses, it's complicated," he added.

"I think if she's happy at the end of her career, that's all that matters because nobody will remember the end of her career. You remember it now because it's fresh, but everyone will remember what a champion she was, all the Grand Slams she won, the things she brought to tennis and how she made history. The end of her career is an anecdote," he said.


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