Elena Rybakina Calls Out Unpredictable WTA Finals Conditions Amid Stadium Fiasco

Elena Rybakina Calls Out Unpredictable WTA Finals Conditions Amid Stadium Fiasco

by Sebastian Dahlman

Elena Rybakina has joined the list of players who spoke about the conditions at the 2023 WTA Finals, calling them tough.

There aren't many fans of the WTA Finals conditions in Cancun, as several players spoke up. Those who didn't probably don't differ in any kind of way compared to the rest. Aryna Sabalenka spoke out against the conditions.

Marketa Vondrousova also did, as did Swiatek, but in a more mild manner compared to her fellow players. Rybakina is now the latest that spoke about it. She talked about her level in Cancun, admitting that it's not the best but also that the conditions don't really help.

As I said, I think it’s far from being the best tennis. I feel like the quality from all of us is not the greatest. You can see it by the unforced errors. Some players are struggling more. Some are maybe adjusting a bit better … I think the conditions are tough.

I don’t feel like I can show everything I have on the court. You’re kind of limited with the things you can do with such conditions. I feel like if you have a tight game on your serve, you can be stressed with a rally when you don’t know how the ball is going to bounce. You don’t know what to expect. Not much is under your control.

Sabalenka already spoke about the inconsistent bounce all around the court. That's unfortunate because it does impact play quite a bit; however, there is not much the players can do about it. The way the court's construction was rushed certainly has something to do with it, but what's done is done.

The players will simply have to endure it and hope it doesn't happen again. The whole WTA Finals story has been a fiasco from start to finish.

I think this is the main thing & how I see it. If you try to create the rally & try to be aggressive & be dominant in the point, it doesn’t mean you’re going to win it. As I said, I don’t feel like the quality of tennis is really good. But again, I feel it’s not by our problems or like we don’t know how to play. It’s just tough.


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