'Another Level Of Disrespect': Sabalenka Slams WTA Amid Finals Controversy

'Another Level Of Disrespect': Sabalenka Slams WTA Amid Finals Controversy

by Sebastian Dahlman

The WTA Finals venue was built literally days before the event in Cancun started, and many players weren't happy with it, including Aryna Sabalenka.

If you ever rushed through a task, you probably know that the quality of it goes down. Mistakes tend to happen, and it's just not the same. That happened to the WTA Finals venue in Cancun, which was still being constructed when the players arrived in the week leading up to the event.

It shocked many of them because they only had one practice on the official court, which is very unusual and totally unacceptable. The court itself is not of the greatest quality, according to the players, with the bounce being inconsistent, making it hard to play.

World number one Aryna Sabalenka wasn't going to let that slide and spoke up against that blasting the WTA for disrespecting the players. She also said that the court feels dangerous at times which is just a horrible look for everyone involved.

Well, I'm happy that I was able to handle these conditions. But, honestly, it's another level of disrespect from the WTA for the players. Because, sometimes, I don't even feel safe to move on this court. It's not the level I expect from the WTA Finals.

Despite all of that, Sabalenka had a really good time in her first match, beating Maria Sakkari in two quick sets to start her WTA Finals campaign.

She adapted well and quickly to the challenging conditions, but she's still not happy with it. She didn't expect that from such a high-level tournament, which is supposed to be the most important one after the Grand Slams.

I mean, thank you for this challenge I'm facing right now, to kind of learn how to adapt quick to the conditions, but this is not something I expect from such a high-level tournament, and I'm happy to be able to ignore this.


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