'Not Level For WTA Finals': Sabalenka Urges WTA To 'Do Better Job'

'Not Level For WTA Finals': Sabalenka Urges WTA To 'Do Better Job'

by Evita Mueller

Aryna Sabalenka expressed dissatisfaction about not practicing on the match court at the WTA Finals during her pre-event press conference.

A lot of media attention was given to the WTA Finals venue this year because the venue was literally being constructed a few days before the event was supposed to start. That's not common, and players weren't particularly thrilled with it.

The major problem for players is the fact that the match they play will essentially be the first meaningful time for them on that court. No practice, no nothing, and that's problematic.

It's not the only controversial thing about this year's WTA Finals, but it was the thing Sabalenka mentioned in her press conference when asked about the venue.

Well, I'm not happy that we couldn't Well, I'm not happy that we couldn't think this is not the level for the WTA Finals. We literally have one hour today, like 45 minutes, to try the stadium.This is something what I'm not happy with. I'm pretty sure the rest of the players also not happy.

Sabalenka on not practicing on the match court

While definitely not ideal, it's not a competitive advantage to any player because all of them are in the same situation. Who adjusts best and quickest will dramatically increase their chances of winning the event. Considering that players generally need a few days to do so, it will be very interesting.

At the same time, yes, I know we're all in the same conditions. But this is not conditions for the WTA Finals. So, yeah, it's not great. I mean, usually we need like three to four days to kind of like adjust to conditions. But, yeah, we'll see. I guess it is how it is. But I hope that next year WTA will do better job.


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