Coco Gauff vs Marta Kostyuk: 2024 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix - Preview & Prediction

Coco Gauff vs Marta Kostyuk: 2024 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix - Preview & Prediction

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff started her 2024 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix Open with a win, but it was a tough win, so what happens when she faces Marta Kostyuk, an even better player?

Gauff's first match in Stuttgart didn't go as smoothly as some might think because the American dangerously flirted with losing the match. Her compatriot Sachia Vickery played a really solid match, giving the 20-year-old all sorts of trouble, and that's good news for Kostyuk, who will certainly fancy her chances after seeing that.

Over the past 365 days, Kostyuk has matured into a very good player. Her next step is beating Top-10-ranked players like Gauff, so let's see if she can finally earn her first win over the American.


Gauff and Kostyuk have played twice so far, and both times, the American has won. One of those matches actually happened earlier this year, and it was a win for the 2023 US Open champion, even though she needed three sets to win.

The first meeting also unfolded in three sets, so it's been generally a tricky matchup for Gauff to navigate. It won't be any easier in Stuttgart because Kostyuk will have the conditions playing in her favor.

She'll likely be very aggressive on the serve and try to outhit Gauff, which isn't unlikely, as the American still sports a somewhat unreliable forehand.

Coco Gauff Marta Kostyuk
2 H2H 0
3 Rank 27
20 Age 21
19-5 2024 W/L 17-6
194-87 Career W/L 197-114


I could see this one being a very complicated match for Gauff, but it will mostly depend on Kostyuk's level. If she doesn't play a very good match, she can lose easily.

If she does bring a good level, then I could see this one going three sets. I still favour Gauff in figuring it out and winning the match, especially given the advantage in rest time.

Prediction: Coco Gauff to win in three sets.


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