'They Will Be So Missed': Ruud On Nadal And Djokovic Nearing Retirement

'They Will Be So Missed': Ruud On Nadal And Djokovic Nearing Retirement

by Zachary Wimer

Casper Ruud grew up watching legends like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, so it's sad for him to see them nearing retirement.

A good part of Ruud's teenage years was spent watching the Big Three compete, and they're always going to be the pinnacle of the sport for him. He's already seen Roger Federer retire from the sport, and he knows he will see both Nadal and Djokovic leave it as well.

Nadal said that the 2024 season is likely his last, while Djokovic's recent struggles certainly don't make it seem like he'll last another five years. It's bittersweet for Ruud because, on the one hand, it will make his job easier, but on the other hand, the sport is going to lose two more legendary players.

"You know him, Roger, Novak, they have a huge influence on the tour and whenever they're absent, it's different, obviously, it is an opportunity for every other player but now, at this point of their careers with Rafa... Roger has already retired, but it’s getting closer to the end for them unfortunately and they will be so missed."

Ruud on the Big Three retiring

Nadal made his return to the sport at the Barcelona Open, the same event Ruud is playing this week. He did pretty well, winning one match and losing the other, but it's clear he's nowhere near where he once was.

Whether he gets even remotely close to that remains to be seen, but the Norwegian had the privilege of sharing the court with him at the French Open. He shared the same court with Djokovic, and both were Roland Garros' finals.

That's certainly something Ruud will remember for the rest of his life, including the recent win over Djokovic, which he joked is a story for his kids and grandkids.


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