Coco Gauff Still Woman With Most Titles In 2023 Thanks To Doubles Success

Coco Gauff Still Woman With Most Titles In 2023 Thanks To Doubles Success

by Evita Mueller

Iga Swiatek might be the player with the most singles titles on the WTA Tour in 2023, but Coco Gauff still has the most trophies in 2023 overall.

This season has been rather interesting, with many players winning trophies. With the China Open triumph over Liudmila Samsonova, Iga Swiatek became the player with the most singles trophy on the WTA Tour.

She's had an amazing season, having played in seven finals so far, dropping two of them. Gauff was in plenty of finals as well, and she's actually the player with the most trophies on the women's Tour.

That's because she plays doubles regularly, which makes her a unicorn in today's tennis. Very few top players play singles and doubles regularly, and Gauff is one of them.

Earlier this year, she spoke about toning that down in the future, focusing on her singles, but she'll never completely turn away from the doubles. So combined, Gauff has six trophies this year, which is one more than Swiatek, who has 5.

Even so, when we look at combined results, Swiatek is not number two on that list. It's actually Barbora Krejcikova, who also has six. She won four doubles and two singles trophies, one of which came against Dubai against Swiatek.

Most of the Tour is trailing behind with mostly two or three combined trophies which shows how far ahead some of these players are.

Gauff has a decent chance to emerge on top alone as she will play at the WTA Finals. Like last year, she'll play both singles and doubles, giving her a chance to win two trophies.

Krejcikova on the other hand will only play the doubles so she has a chance to secure the honour for herself. Should be fun and it's coming up at the end of this month.


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