Coco Gauff Reveals New 'Twisted Net' Sneaker Colorway For Roland Garros

Coco Gauff Reveals New 'Twisted Net' Sneaker Colorway For Roland Garros

Coco Gauff and New Balance have created yet another colorway for the teenager's CG1 signature sneakers.

Over the past few months, the young American and New Balance came with a handful of different colorways, including the 'fuzzy ace' and the kids shoe that was designed by Gauff's 9-year-old brother Cameron.

One of the hallmarks of her style is her signature shoe is the Coco CG1, developed in collaboration with New Balance. Her recent unveiling of the "Twisted Net" colorway for the Roland Garros brings a fresh and edgy twist to her already unique signature shoe.

Gauff signed with New Balance in 2018 when she was just 14 years old and only a few years later, she's one of the biggest stars on the WTA Tour. Now, we see another successful product of this collaboration and the teenager is also happy about it.

"I knew I wanted a version of the CG1s that were edgy and flashy heading into my summer tournaments. I'm a big fan of Marvel so I love that the Twisted Net colorway has a futuristic warped net design and bright yellows and blues that are going to make me pop on the court."

Competing in the Roland Garros in her signature New Balance Coco CG1, Gauff will wear a new design - the Twisted Net colorway. This artistic design is a spin on the tennis net concept and takes Gauff's love of social media into account by warping the tennis court net with cyberspace.

But more than what she wears on her feet, Gauff will want to focus on her performance on the Parisian clay. She lost in the second round in Madrid, followed by a second-round exit in Rome, and so a short amount of time remains before she defends the final appearance in the French capital, and she needs to hit the court in top form.


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