Becoming World No. 1 'Not Changing Anything' For Sabalenka Ahead Of WTA Finals

Becoming World No. 1 'Not Changing Anything' For Sabalenka Ahead Of WTA Finals

by Evita Mueller

Aryna Sabalenka doesn't see any difference in being WTA's world number one or two, but she wouldn't want to change anything.

For much of her youth, Aryna Sabaelnka dreamed of becoming world number one one day. While it doesn't exactly mean you're the best player in the world, having that number one next to your name is a pretty powerful image, and shows consistency throughout 12 months.

For much of this year, Sabalenka has been the most consistent player, delivering great performances every week. For a good amount, she was arguably the best player in the world, and after the US Open, things finally fell into place - she became world number one.

Adjusting to it wasn't hard because not much changed for her. She still wouldn't want to change anything because being world number one has been a longtime dream of her, and she spoke about it ahead of the 2023 WTA Finals in Cancun.

Yeah, I mean, you're No. 1, you're No. 2. If you're in the top 10, it's just the same. You're a top-10 player. I think ranking, it's just ranking, you know? It's not like I go on court right now and everyone will be, Okay, I'm not playing, you're No. 1, good luck in the next round.

It's not changing anything. I still need to work hard. I still need to bring my best tennis on court. I think I even need to work more because right now I feel like I'm a target for everyone. It's not changing anything. I'm still working hard, trying to improve.

The upcoming WTA Finals will be the first ones in which she'll play as the leader of the pack. The goal is simple - win the event. It won't be easy, but the better she does, the more likely she is to finish the year as world number one, and that is the ultimate goal for the Belarusian.


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