Djokovic Gives Verdict On His Former Coach Becker Joining Rune's Team

Djokovic Gives Verdict On His Former Coach Becker Joining Rune's Team

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic's former coach, Boris Becker, is now part of Holger Rune's team, and the Serbian spoke about it ahead of the 2023 Paris Masters.

Holger Rune struggled a lot with his tennis in recent weeks. The Danish star opted to shake things up in his team as a response by hiring Boris Becker to become part of his team, and the German coach made an immediate impact.

Rune played a lot better at the ATP 500 tournament in Basel this week despite still not hitting his best tennis. The jury's out on how the partnership will ultimately go, but Novak Djokovic is a fan of the choice.

He has a really strong relationship with Becker from the time they used to work together, hence why he thinks it's a good move for both.

I think it's a very good decision from Holger to invite Boris to join his team. Boris is legend of our sport, someone that, you know, understands the game so well from a player's perspective, coaching perspective.

Djokovic described Becker as someone who will be able to unlock Rune's mental strength. The Dane already demonstrated how mentally strong he can be, but you can always be better.

It's one of the key things to keep you motivated and competitive once you reach a certain level of success.

So I think for Holger, it's a great move because, you know, Holger is a young player who already has established himself in the top 10 of the world, but obviously it's one thing to reach the top 10 and to break into top 10, and it's something else to get to a different level and start winning slams and, you know, getting to the top spots of the world.

Djokovic also drew parallels from his time with Becker admitting that he too was instructed to pick up chess to sharpen his focus. We'll see how it ultimately goes but for the most part, Djokovic was really happy to see Becker back on Tour.

I saw they are playing chess. That was the first thing that Boris introduced to our team, as well, playing chess. I think it's great, you know, for focus and I think just mental clarity and strategy.


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