Aryna Sabalenka Receives Chris Evert Trophy For Becoming World No. 1

Aryna Sabalenka Receives Chris Evert Trophy For Becoming World No. 1

by Sebastian Dahlman

Aryna Sabalenka officially became WTA’s world number one after the 2023 US Open and got her trophy to mark that occasion.

Sabalenka has known for a while that she'll be number one on Monday, ever since Iga Swiatek crashed out and ensured that. Her own run to the final only further hammered down that point, but she missed out on adding the US Open trophy to that.

She talked about the final, how winning something and becoming world number one is the ideal scenario, but even if she missed out on the US Open trophy, she got one for becoming world number one; the 29th woman in history to become world no. 1, and in addition, she also got the Chris Evert Trophy.

She sat down with the WTA media team to discuss finally becoming world number one, a dream she chased for many years.

After winning the Australian Open, I was thinking probably I have a chance to put Iga under pressure, show her that it's not going to be easy for her to stay on top of the game. I was just practicing a lot, kept working hard, kept improving myself, and I was hoping that one day I'd become World No.1.

Sabalenka on the chase

Despite it being a lifelong dream, Sabalenka interestingly explained that becoming world number one in the end wasn't that hard. It only took her a long time to fully understand herself and control her emotions better. As somebody who subscribes to hard work, she thinks that eventually, it will get you there.

To be honest, it's not like it was really hard. When you understand yourself better, when you know yourself better, when you know how to control your emotions, it's not that hard. If you're working hard, if you're if you're doing everything you can to be ready for all these battles, it's not that hard. You're just focusing on yourself.


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