Badosa Admits To 'Feeling Completely Lost' Amid Chronic Injury Struggles

Badosa Admits To 'Feeling Completely Lost' Amid Chronic Injury Struggles

by Zachary Wimer

Paula Badosa has dealt with many injuries in the past few years, and she's feeling quite lost, not knowing how to approach her career.

The Spaniard is one of the best tennis players on the WTA Tour when she can play freely and is healthy. However, she hasn't been able to play freely for a long time because she's not completely healthy.

Badosa has a chronic back injury that will not get better and will continue to impact her career. She talked about it recently, admitting that she'll simply have to try and manage it to the best of her ability.

That means that sometimes she'll play with pain, and that's what happened against Katie Boulter at the 2024 Roland Garros. She won that match in three sets but had to endure much pain to get there.

Her next match might be better, but she also doesn't know and it's very taxing on her. It's hard to manage a tennis career like that, and that's why she's feeling lost.

"I’m not going to lie to you and tell you things like they aren’t. I have spoken to a lot of people, including players who had to retire because of this injury. I never know how I'm going to wake up and there are days when I wake up in pain. Today I had pain during the match."

She's aware that this is likely going to shorten her career tremendously, and while it's unfortunate, it's also life. Hopefully, she can be around for a few more years, but ultimately, it's a decision she'll have to make.

"I'm proud of the way I've been fighting but right now I feel completely lost about this injury. I do not know what to do. But each victory is an opportunity to try to feel better the next day."


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