'Don't Want To Get Too Excited': Djokovic Remains Grounded After First Win At Roland Garros

'Don't Want To Get Too Excited': Djokovic Remains Grounded After First Win At Roland Garros

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic started the 2024 Roland Garros off with a win, but he's keeping it cool after winning his first match.

There have been many questions about the Serbian legend and his tennis. He hasn't played at a very good level this year and didn't look anything like a Grand Slam champion.

He's a favorite this fortnight mostly because of his pedigree but not so much because of his current play. He's aware of it, which is why he pumped the breaks a bit after a really solid performance in the first round of Roland Garros.

He played fairly solid last week at the Geneva Open, so this win didn't come as a huge surprise, especially from the top seed at a major, but he won't really take too much out of it.

"Monte-Carlo, Rome, and Geneva tournaments started really well for me. First matches I played were great. Then second matches, third matches (smiling) was quite different. So I don’t want to get too excited."

Being in Paris is very nice for Djokovic, who admitted that he's enjoyed his stay the most this year in the French capital, outside of the Australian Open, which is like a second home to him.

That could impact his performance because many factors impact one's level of play. Being comfortable increases confidence, which in turn increases one's level, and it's only going to rise with every match he plays.

"Honestly, [I’m enjoying] here much more than basically any other tournament this year that I played except Australia, you know. Even Australia was kind of, a sense of a bit of an uphill battle in terms of how I was feeling on the court. Again, this is only one match here. So we have to see, see how I progress in the tournament, how the feeling evolves, but it was good."


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