Anisimova Sheds Light On Injury Scare During Latest Australian Open Win

Anisimova Sheds Light On Injury Scare During Latest Australian Open Win

by Zachary Wimer

Amanda Anisimova had some physical problems during her most recent Australian Open victory, but she overcame it and won.

The American returned to tennis after a long time this year, fully recharged and ready to take on the sport once more. She stepped away after feeling burned out and spent time at home with friends and family.

It was a great decision for Anisimova, as she returned in much better spirits this year, and she's playing some good tennis. Facing Paula Badosa was a tricky affair, but she handled it about as well as you can hope, beating the Spaniard, who was playing some solid tennis as well.

It wasn't an easy match, especially since she dealt with some physical issues at the end of the opening set that required a medical timeout; however, thankfully, it was nothing serious, so she continued.

Speaking after the match, Anisimova explained it was a stomach issue that bothered her, but the medical timeout helped her compose herself.

"Yeah, I just wasn't feeling great. I was having bad stomach cramps. I just felt like I was going to throw up. So it was just like I can't step away, so it was just a tricky situation, but I think the medical time-out kind of helped me throughout the second set."

Anisimova on the troubles

Things won't be easy for Anisimova in the next round as she's facing Badosa's good friend Aryna Sabalenka who will certainly want some revenge for her friend, but most importantly, a victory for herself.

"Yeah, it was a bit difficult to still play in the second set, but I was still playing well. I was just trying to take my time, so that helped."

That might add a bit of spice to the matchup, which is already a very fascinating one.


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