Zverev 'Not Planning' To Play As Many Matches In 2024 After Recovering His Ranking And Form

Zverev 'Not Planning' To Play As Many Matches In 2024 After Recovering His Ranking And Form

by Zachary Wimer

Alexander Zverev played many events last year to get back to his best tennis, and he certainly won't do the same thing this year.

Playing a lot of events is generally something a lot of players avoid doing. Obviously, some can afford to do it more than others, and Zverev is one of those players.

2023 was a pretty important year for him as he was coming off of the horrible ankle injury, and playing a lot of matches was a vital part of that. After missing a lot of time, players simply need a lot of time to get back to their best.

The more they play, the sooner they'll be able to get there, also ranking-wise, so the fact that he played a lot of matches last year was because of that.

He had to, but it's not something he plans to keep on doing because that's never been the way he approaches things. He talked about being tired due to the number of matches last year.

This time around, ahead of the 2024 Mexican Open in Acapulco, he talked to Tennis TV about how his schedule may shape up for the upcoming schedule.

"Definitely not planning to play as many tournaments that's for sure. But last year was obviously a very different year. It was a very special year for me because it was my comeback season. I was 27 in the world at some point in the middle of the season. Then I finished a year seventh in the world."

It was a tremendous comeback season for Zverev, who started badly. He struggled a lot but then played really well in the second part of the year to make his way back to the Top 10 on the ATP Tour.

Not only that, but he actually played at the ATP Finals, which is quite remarkable, considering how far back he started. That list is based on points you earn during the season, and he was one of the best eight players last year.

"For me, my main focus last year was to get my game back and to get my ranking back and I thought I did quite a good job. Finishing in Turin, that was something that I didn't expect frrom myself in the middle of the season."

"So I'm definitely not planning on playing as many tournaments, but I'm definitely planning on winning even more matches."


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