WATCH: Zverev Accuses Medvedev Of 'Doing A Show' After Disputed Call At Australian Open

WATCH: Zverev Accuses Medvedev Of 'Doing A Show' After Disputed Call At Australian Open

by Zachary Wimer

Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev played a lot of matches, and they were usually great battles, and so was the 2024 Australian Open clash.

It's been a pretty interesting rivalry on the ATP Tour between Zverev and Medvedev as it has grown considerably in recent years. We've seen several heated matches between them in recent months, and they always entertained fans.

The rivalry made their recent Australian Open match even more fun. It was a great battle, though it didn't feature as much drama as some of their previous matches. However, still, during the match, the German accused Medvedev of 'doing a show' after a disputed call.

That's obviously a dig at Medvedev, who sometimes tends to make a show out of many things, especially when things are not really going his way. He disputed a call when Zverev hit a line that Medvedev wasn't sure about, so he wanted to check, as the replay on the stadium didn't show the ball, something that is out of the ordinary.

It caused a pretty solid delay as the umpire scrambled to deliver upon Medvedev's request, which Zverev didn't find funny at all because it disrupted his rhythm. He approached the umpire and said that Medvedev knew where the ball landed, but he was simply doing a show.

"He knows the ball is inside of the line, he's doing a show again"

The Russian ultimately won the match, and he seemingly mother word "karma" after the win, as a reference to Zverev previously saying that after Medvedev lost his first-round match at the 2023 Roland Garros.

Medvedev later denied saying the word, but the moment when Zverev accused him of doing a show, and possibly trying to disrupt his rhythm, was still one of the spicier moments of the match, and one that will be remembered once the two meet on the tennis court again.


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