Medvedev Clarifies He Did Not Say 'Karma' After Beating Zverev At Australian Open

Medvedev Clarifies He Did Not Say 'Karma' After Beating Zverev At Australian Open

by Zachary Wimer

Daniil Medvedev had an interesting way of celebrating his win over Alexander Zverev at the 2024 Australian Open because he appeared to utter some specific words.

The Russian's best win at the event came against Zverev and while he turned around big deficits before, this was particularly spectacular. He was down 0-2 in sets but then won 3 straight sets to win the match, and before shaking hands with the German, Medvedev appeared to have uttered the words 'Karma'.

That's how many fans around the world saw it, and it was interesting because Zverev talked about karma after Medvedev's 2023 Roland Garros loss in Netflix's docuseries BreakPoint. That scene didn't go down well with many in the community, and the Russian also saw it.

So many took that as just another chapter of the silent beef between Medvedev and Zverev that's been going on for a while now, but actually, it isn't. Medvedev clarified that he wasn't saying "karma."

"No, no, no, it was not it. I tried to not go on Twitter but I went on Twitter and I saw it all over the place. I was like, Oh, my God. As I said just right now, I don't want to go, let's say -- because it's a little bit like when you try, you know, touch someone and then he touches you back and then you touch someone."

Medvedev might have said the word "calma", which may translate to calmness, something he wanted to work on with his team. He did have some feisty moments before, but it seems that he's past that now.

"I want to, you know, I had my moments, probably the most with Tsitsipas, and even with him we seem to be, you know, we're not friends but we seem to respect each other more than before. So same."

"It was something related to my team. Something about mentality. So, yeah, nothing to do with this. I would not be happy to do it this way."


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