WATCH: Full Trailer Of Federer's Upcoming Documentary 'Twelve Final Days' Revealed

WATCH: Full Trailer Of Federer's Upcoming Documentary 'Twelve Final Days' Revealed

by Nurein Ahmed

The countdown to the premiere of Roger Federer's upcoming documentary, 'Twelve Final Days,' has just begun, and a full trailer has now been released.

As the title of the sports documentary suggests, the 100-minute film will chronicle the final 12 days of Federer's professional tennis career, from his emotional retirement message in never-before-seen footage captured on camera to his final match at the Laver Cup.

Prime Video initially announced that it would stream the documentary worldwide on June 20th, and it has now released an official two-minute trailer of the same, in which Federer granted exclusive access to Academy Award-winning director Asif Kapadia and his camera crew to film the final few moments of his career.

The trailer opens with Federer sitting in his living room and saying he is "feeling stressed" as he preps to read his retirement message from a script, the same one he would share on social media.

"The competition is over, but the legacy lives forever. An intimate journey through the final days of a legendary career. Federer: Twelve Final Days. New Documentary, June 20."

Prime Video describes Federer's documentary in its official trailer

A glimpse into the short clip reveals tennis icon and commentator John McEnroe stating the gravity of losing a decorated champion like Federer before a montage of Federer's childhood plays out.

Then some of Federer's most important people in his private and professional life, including his mother, wife, and longtime rivals Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, also feature.

The Big 3 and Andy Murray participated in the Laver Cup in 2022, during which the Swiss legend officially retired from the professional scene by playing his last match in doubles with Nadal.

It's been two years since he hung up his racket, but Federer has no regrets about how his career and end panned out. It may not have been on a winning note, but having the "whole band" in London in September 2022, as he put it, was equally satisfying and the perfect way for him to bow out.


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