WATCH: Djokovic Practices Balkan Folk Tradition For Luck In Wimbledon Final

WATCH: Djokovic Practices Balkan Folk Tradition For Luck In Wimbledon Final

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic is arguably the best tennis player in the world right now with a chance to further his own legacy at Wimbledon, but he's also Serbian and by extension from the Balkans.

The Balkan Peninsula is a very beautiful place with a troubling history, but it's also the birthing place of democracy, wine, and one certain Novak Djokovic. He was born in Serbia many years ago, and being Serbian is always something he was proud of.

It's never just been about himself as it's always been also about Serbia and promoting the country in the world through his fantastic tennis. He's always been proud of that, and before the 2023 Wimbledon, Djokovic was seen taking part in a typically Balkan tradition that is widespread in all countries of former Yugoslavia, including Serbia.

When leaving on a journey or going anywhere, important people from the Balkans tend to spill water behind you as a good luck charm for impeding work or a journey. A video posted online showed people, presumably members of his own family or team, spilling water as Djokovic made his way to Wimbledon ahead of today's final.

He is facing Carlos Alcaraz in the Wimbledon final with a chance to make some more history. He's already the male player with the most Grand Slam trophies ever but he can further that record by winning number 24. He can also make it five in a row for him at SW19 as well as equal Roger Federer's iconic eight trophies at the event.

A lot is at stake for the Serbian, who expressed excitement about the matchup a day ago. It's going to be a good one, as everything is set. He's playing well, he's confident in his level, and the water has been spilled. Now it's all about delivering on the court.


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