Tsitsipas Gives Insight Into His Relationship With Badosa After Getting Back Together

Tsitsipas Gives Insight Into His Relationship With Badosa After Getting Back Together

by Zachary Wimer

Stefanos Tsitsipas got back with girlfriend Paula Badosa recently and spoke about their relationship.

Both tennis stars are currently in London for the Wimbledon Championships. It was there that Tsitsipas sat down with the Daily Express to discuss his relationship with Badosa.

While fairly private about it at the moment, the couple briefly split before coming back together, so there has been a lot of curiosity among their fans and admirers as to how things are going.

Tsitsipas never shied away from talking about the relationship, even though he likes keeping it relatively minimal after getting together again. In the interview, he admitted that it's a well-balanced relationship that includes a fair share of tennis but also other things.

"It’s kind of well-balanced I would say. We do talk about tennis as a normal - I mean, that’s our job at the end of the day. But we have other interests away from tennis too and that keeps us pretty sane, I would say."

"We have other things that I would try and do or other activities that kind of entertain us and make us feel like a union when we are away from the tennis courts."

The Greek also mentioned a recent vacation he had with Badosa in his native Greece after Roland Garros. He also highlighted how they randomly pick up hobbies as they go along with their days.

"Like now, during our short vacation or break that we had after Roland Garros, we went to Greece and we started getting into pottery so we started picking up all of those activities that, it’s kind of fun I would say."

"It’s something that we never did and doing it together, it helps us expand and see a different perspective of life so we are very open-minded to these kinds of things."


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