Sinner Admits To Crying After Losing To Alcaraz At US Open And Roland Garros

Sinner Admits To Crying After Losing To Alcaraz At US Open And Roland Garros

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner spoke about his rivalry with Carlos Alcaraz ahead of the 2024 Wimbledon Championships, admitting to crying after some of the losses.

Sinner is a very authentic individual who freely shares his thoughts when asked. The Italian doesn't beat around the bush and is very direct in his approach. This is true of both his on-court style, which is very aggressive and to the point, and his off-court persona, which is reserved but willing to talk.

The rivalry between Sinner and Alcaraz is a big topic in tennis because they're widely expected to dominate the sport in the coming years. They look clearly above everybody else, and we've already seen some iconic matches between the two.

Their US Open clash from 2022 comes to mind immediately, with the 2024 Roland Garros match a close second. Both were won by Alcaraz, who also ended up winning those Grand Slams, and they were painful losses for the Italian.

In a recent interview, he admitted to crying after both losses, which, per Sinner, is showing that he cares.

"Tears of happiness? I haven’t had them yet. [I cried] after [losing to] Carlos in the US Open, also a bit at Roland Garros. There are always moments when you feel emotions you don’t want in the locker room or sometimes when you’re in transportation or even in the hotel room alone. It means you care about the sport. It means you want to reach this level."

You don't get to this level of tennis without working really hard and caring. It's caring more than others that sets you apart as a champion, and Sinner certainly cares. Still, while letting emotions out is very good, the Italian will have a chance to transform those tears into happiness tears at this year's Wimbledon, as he's one of the favorites at SW19.


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