'Tennis Needed That': Alcaraz On His Growing Rivalry With Sinner

'Tennis Needed That': Alcaraz On His Growing Rivalry With Sinner

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner will likely dominate tennis in the next decade, and the Spaniard thinks that it will help the sport.

For the past two decades, tennis has largely been dominated by one or more members of the Big Three. First, it was Roger Federer at the start of the new millennium, with Rafael Nadal adding himself a few years later.

Then Novak Djokovic started his dominance, and for the past 10 to 15 years, all of them dominated by taking turns. That's not happening anymore because young players are taking over.

Sinner won this year's Australian Open, while Alcaraz won this year's Roland Garros. These players are likely to dominate tennis in the next decade, and there is also a growing rivalry between them.

They are currently number one (Sinner) and number two (Alcaraz) ranked players on the ATP Tour, which the Spaniard thinks helps tennis. Speaking about it during his stay in London, where he competes at the 2024 Cinch Championships, Alcaraz said that new players stepping up and filling the shoes of the old guard is good for tennis overall.

"Being number one and number two at 21,22,23 years old is something unbelievable. I think tennis needed that. Or I think so. The new generation or the young people standing in the top position, I think it's something great. Having new faces in the top. For me, it's something good in tennis."

Alcaraz on the new era

The guarantee in life is that things change. The Big Three could never dominate the sport forever, because that's impossible. Still, they left a huge mark, and seeing them go is bittersweet for many.

It's positive that there are great players who are taking over, but time will tell whether this new era of tennis will get remotely close to the old era of dominance by the Big Three.


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