Alcaraz 'Wasn't Playing His Best Tennis, But Still Found A Way' At Roland Garros Says Rusedski

Alcaraz 'Wasn't Playing His Best Tennis, But Still Found A Way' At Roland Garros Says Rusedski

by Zachary Wimer

Former ATP player Greg Rusedski wants to see how Carlos Alcaraz's future unfolds after his triumph at the 2024 Roland Garros.

Alcaraz won the 2024 French Open. However, it wasn't that easy, but things fell into place for him. He had a horrible preparation for the event, having only played one clay tournament due to a forearm injury, which proved more troublesome than initially thought.

Despite all of that, the Spaniard was able to get himself to Paris and then to play a very solid event, making the final where he beat Alexander Zverev in five sets. He simply found a way to win despite all of his problems before and during the event. That's what great champions do and it's what he's learned to do already in his career.

"I think the French Open this year for Carlos, everything kind of came into place. He came in with a bit of an injury on his elbow, he had a little bit of a problem with the groin. He wasn’t playing his best tennis but he still found a way to win."

Now it's about repeating that on grass, and Rusedski is excited to see whether Alcaraz can bring the same level to grass. He was able to do so last year, which is why he's the youngest ever to win Grand Slams on all three surfaces, but that's in the past. It's time to write more future.

" Also on top of that, you’ve got to look at that Sinner wasn’t coming in healthy, and Novak Djokovic got injured with the knee and meniscus. But to win on three surfaces and be the youngest guy to win on clay, grass, and hard courts, the guy to do that before was a certain guy called Rafael Nadal, so he’s got an unbelievable pedigree and I’m excited to see if he can transition his form and get healthy for Wimbledon."


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