'Just Not At Home': Gauff Looking To Finally Move Away From Parents

'Just Not At Home': Gauff Looking To Finally Move Away From Parents

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff still lives with her parents but is looking to move out and start living alone fairly soon.

When the wider audience got to know Gauff, the American was still a teenager. She was underage, but over the past few years, we've seen her mature into a young adult who is no longer a minor and has become an outspoken person and a really strong tennis player.

It's not been an easy journey, and it certainly didn't happen overnight, but Gauff is slowly embracing adulthood fully. Maturity came early for her because she's always been ahead of the curve due to her tennis pursuit. Even so, she credits her parents for keeping things fairly simple so she could enjoy being a kid.

"I was definitely still able to be a kid. I probably matured faster than a lot of people, but I think my parents did a good job of trying to make it as relaxed as possible, set up an environment where I could still be a kid and surround me with people who respected that."

Gauff on maturing

Despite being an adult, Gauff still lives at home with her parents, but that will soon change, as she confirmed to the Daily Mail that she will be moving out soon. She won't go far, though, and will remain in Delray Beach, where her parents live, but she'll have her own place.

"Not for long though! I'll still be in Delray, not far, just not at home. I'm in the process."

Gauff confirms she's moving out

It's just one of the first moves she will make in the coming years as she fully embraces adulthood. One of the next steps will likely be managing her own money because she admitted in the past that her parents still took care of that.


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