Alcaraz Explains Mom's Frequent Absence From Tournaments Ahead Of Wimbledon

Alcaraz Explains Mom's Frequent Absence From Tournaments Ahead Of Wimbledon

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz generally has his father with him at many of the tournaments that he plays, but his mother is often missing, and he finally shed light on the matter.

Alcaraz's mother sometimes attends his tournament but not as often as his father, who travels abroad as well. In addition to his father, Alcaraz has his older brother, Alvaro, with him as well because he serves as his hitting partner.

That's the company that mostly travels with him, so many wonder why his mother isn't with them. Alcaraz, who talked about it ahead of the 2024 Wimbledon Championships, also has two younger siblings who are still in school, so his mother remains at home, taking care of them.

This highlights the difficulty of a tennis player's life because they can never be at home and are always on the road, which is why the Alcaraz family splits duties to handle all of that.

One reason Alcaraz goes straight back home after events is that he misses his family. To them, he's not a tennis player; he's just part of the family.

"One of the things about tennis is that you travel a lot and my dad and older brother come with me. My older brother is my hitting partner."

"But Mum can’t come because she is looking after the two little ones. So getting home is great because I miss them. The longer you are away, the more you realise how much you need them."

One of his younger brothers, Jaime, is a very talented tennis player as well, so maybe in a few years, we'll see two players named Alcaraz on the ATP Tour. It's said that the younger brother is even better than Carlos was at that age, so that's certainly exciting not just for tennis fans but also for the parents of the two youngsters.


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