'They Put My Feet On Ground': Alcaraz Opens Up About Parents' Influence

'They Put My Feet On Ground': Alcaraz Opens Up About Parents' Influence

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz opened up about his parents' influence after he won his most recent trophy at the 2024 Indian Wells Open.

Alcaraz is one of the best players in the world, with numerous trophies to his name and a pretty big bankroll. None of that matters to him that much because he's always been a regular guy and likes to portray himself like that.

Part of that comes from his parents, who raised him to be humble and grateful, but they also actively keep him that way, which he talked about after beating Daniil Medvedev for his latest trophy. Speaking on the Tennis Channel panel, Alcaraz opened up about the influence of his parents in keeping him grounded.

"Well, my father and my mom have a really good role. They try to pull me in the ground every time that I win a tournament or I win an amount of money, I'm not gonna lie, I’m not gonna hide. They always stay there to put my feet on the ground."

Part of that is also just the way he sees himself and the way he generally is. He doesn't really see himself as a tennis player, but rather as Carlos Alcaraz, the person who likes to stay home and spend time with his friends.

"For me, it's not difficult to do it because every time I do a really good results or if I have a really good run in a tournament, I always want to be back with my friends, just feel like nothing happened to me. I love to be back at home, feel like I'm Carlos Alcaraz as a person, not as a tennis player, not I did something huge, I want to feel like I’m a normal guy."

He reminds a lot of people of Rafael Nadal, who had a pretty similar way of portraying himself.


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