Medvedev Argues Players Should Be Able To 'Come Back 10 Shots And Challenge' Calls

Medvedev Argues Players Should Be Able To 'Come Back 10 Shots And Challenge' Calls

by Zachary Wimer

Daniil Medvedev isn't particularly thrilled with how the challenge system works right now and would like to see it revamped.

Players having issues with certain things in tennis right now isn't anything new, as quite a few of them would probably change some things. One thing that bothers Medvedev most is how the challenge system works, and he talked about it after losing to Carlos Alcaraz at the Indian Wells Open.

At one point in the match, Medvedev wanted to see a mark after a finished rally, but the umpire denied his request because he didn't ask for it immediately. The rally continued, and he lost the point, after which he wanted to see a mark he thought was incorrectly called.

The rule in tennis is pretty clear. If you disagree with a call, you have to challenge or ask for the mark immediately, not after the rally concludes. Medvedev doesn't understand this, and he would like to see that change, even though the rule will soon become redundant, as live electronic line calling is used at ATP events.

"I know it, it's a live system. I was, like, Just show it to me. You know, just show me the mark fast. I don't care. You can even show me on the iPad, this iPad that he has. I think what happens is they cannot come back."

"We're in 2024. Rockets go to space. For me it's inexplicable that on hard courts when the ball touches the line, 5-All first set on the tiebreak, that the ball bounces different. Just use the same paint that you use for the court. So when the guy serves on the line, you don't get lucky to get a lucky point."

Although Medvedev has many suggestions, very likely nothing about the system will change in the coming years. With electronic live calling being adopted in 2025 across all tennis tournaments, the need for challenges dies down as well.

"Yeah, for me, the biggest rule in tennis should be when we have challenge system -- like what happened with Andrey, apparently the ball was in. But in my opinion, you can challenge, let's say he hits a serve on the line, second serve, you play a long rally, you lose the rally."

"In my opinion, you can challenge the serve itself because if, in some case, it was out and the referee didn't see it, the point should have not been played. In my opinion, you can come back 10 shots and say, I challenge this, and if it's in you lose the point."


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