'The Great Wall' Yibing Wu Wins 2023 Ultimate Tennis Showdown In Los Angeles

'The Great Wall' Yibing Wu Wins 2023 Ultimate Tennis Showdown In Los Angeles

by Zachary Wimer

'The Great Wall' Yibing Wu won the 2023 Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) in Los Angeles after beating 'The Hotshot' Taylor Fritz in the final.

After winning one of the two matches he played on Day 1 in the Round Robin stages, Yibing Wu had a difficult task against Diego Schwartzman on Day 2, but he won the match in the tie-breaker, securing his spot in the Final Four.

In the semifinals of the event, Wu, who was one of the three Chinese players that made history at the Roland Garros, played against Ben Shelton. After beating the American 3-1, he was set for a rematch with Taylor Fritz after previously losing in the group stage. But the start of the match wasn't ideal for the Chinese player.

Yet, Wu had a really good mindset even when he was down 0-2 after the first two quarters. 'The Hotshot' won the first two quarters 16-11 and 20-7, and Wu knew that the third quarter may be the last one of the final, but said that he was there to enjoy and give his best.

"Enjoy guys, this might be the last quarter. I don’t think I’m under pressure, no pressure for me. Just here to enjoy, try my best."

Eventually, the Chinese player was able to win the third quarter 12-11, and also triumph in the fourth quarter 16-9. Wu proved to be the better player also in the tie-breaker, winning the 2023 Ultimate Tennis Showdown in Los Angeles, and the Chinese No. 1 in the ATP Rankings looked very happy afterward.

!I think the key is, I took some rest on the court. When you’re tired, you’ve just got to sit. I don’t know why I always put myself in these situations. I think he’s the guy, he’s the one you should back. Such a good home boy."


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