Sebastian Korda And His Father Petr Complete Rare Feat 33 Years In Making

Sebastian Korda And His Father Petr Complete Rare Feat 33 Years In Making

by Zachary Wimer

Sebastian Korda recently fulfilled his part of a fascinating achievement, which was 33 years in the making.

Petr Korda is the father of Sebastian Korda, but before he became a dad, the Czech player was a very successful tennis player on the ATP Tour. He peaked at number two in the ATP Rankings in 1998, the same year he won his only Grand Slam.

He won the Australian Open and became the only Korda ever to do it. His son Sebastian has aspirations of repeating that achievement, and he has been having a decent year in 2024 so far.

In fact, Korda secured his best ranking ever, debuting at number 20 after a solid week at the Cinch Championships. That completed an achievement which was 33 years in the making.

It is the first time in history that a father-son duo has been ranked in the Top 20 of the ATP Rankings. The Korda family is not the only father-son duo; there were a few, most notably the Ruud family, but Christian Ruud never made the Top 20, even though his son was ranked second in the world.

With Korda's strong year this year, he was able to match his father's achievement 33 years after his father, Petr, debuted in the Top 20 on August 19th, 1991.

It took him seven more years to win his maiden Grand Slam, so there is plenty of time for the younger Korda. Sebastian now has a chance to add a few more achievements for the father-son duo. For example, he could enter the Top 10, making them the first father-son duo to be ranked in the Top 10.

The same applies to the Top 5 and the Top 2 as well. There is one step that he can reach that would surpass his dad and not only match him, and that would be becoming the world's No. 1 player.


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