Raducanu 'Rekindled Fire Inside' Ahead Of Anticipated Wimbledon Return

Raducanu 'Rekindled Fire Inside' Ahead Of Anticipated Wimbledon Return

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu is looking very motivated ahead of returning to Wimbledon for the first time since 2022.

The British player missed much of last year, including Wimbledon, due to triple surgery, which was meant to fix some of her physical issues. She returned earlier this year and played on a very solid level.

Her return to the grass courts looked impressive, as Raducanu looked motivated and confident in her game overall. A dramatic battle against fellow Brit Katie Boulter cut her run in Nottingham short, but she showed a level good enough to think about the second week of Wimbledon.

Speaking to the media at the Eastbourne International, Raducanu admitted that she rekindled the fire inside her, and that's scary to hear for her opponents because the last time she had a pure fire, she outplayed everybody en route to the US Open trophy.

"I'm just really into it at the moment. I just love the sport. I love tennis. It's kind of just taken over me and I've really rekindled a light and a fire inside of me. Just very happy and enjoying it a lot."

Radcanu has searched for that feeling for a while because she didn't have it. She mostly focused on results while totally ignoring what earned her the biggest trophy she's won so far—her passion for the sport. Now it's back, and she's feeling really confident about her game.

"I'm just really grateful to have this feeling again because it's something I've been missing in a way for the last few years. I haven't felt this good about my tennis, and just excited about it and passionate for a long, long time."

"Now it's really comforting for me because I'm way less focused on the result because I know with the way that I'm training and the way that I'm competing and fighting on the court, good things are 100 percent going to happen and I have full faith and belief in that now. I can actually say it and mean it at the same time, rather than just saying it."


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