Djokovic Reportedly Wins Practice Set At Wimbledon Two Weeks After Surgery

Djokovic Reportedly Wins Practice Set At Wimbledon Two Weeks After Surgery

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic is back on the tennis courts at Wimbledon, and he reportedly won a practice set only two weeks after undergoing knee surgery.

When Taylor Fritz returned from knee surgery after 19 days, many were amazed that he could do such a thing. Meniscus tears are not easy to recover from, and the recovery time is usually between four and six weeks.

The record time that Fritz was able to do so is the reason why Djokovic reached out to him, as he was trying to do the same thing. The American miraculously came back to play Wimbledon back then, and the Serbian legend is seemingly attempting to do the same.

The Serbian traveled to London a few days ago, and on Sunday, he first stood on the grass court. However, the newest reports are the most optimistic yet, as the Serbian reportedly won a practice set against Federico Coria.

The practice with the Argentine lasted for about two hours and was mostly light in intensity. They played a set, which finished in a tie-break, with Djokovic winning it 8-6 after coming back from 2-6.

After that, they played one more tie-break, and Coria won that 9-7. Despite being only a light-intensity practice set, the 37-year-old's result is truly amazing, considering that Djokovic's surgeon, who did the surgery, admitted to the media that he doesn't see the Serbian recover in time for Wimbledon.

He's actually ahead of schedule because we're about a week away from his first match, and he's already out there grinding. Although Coria played only six matches on grass in his career and lost all of them, just the 24-time major being out there swinging rackets is very impressive.

It increasingly seems like Djokovic will play at Wimbledon, even though there are still days for that to change.


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