Djokovic Set To Travel To Wimbledon But Still Unsure About Participation

Djokovic Set To Travel To Wimbledon But Still Unsure About Participation

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic will reportedly travel to London for the 2024 Wimbledon Championships, but his participation at the event is still not certain.

Djokovic tore his meniscus at the 2024 Roland Garros not too long ago, which severely diminished his chances of playing at Wimbledon. The doctor who performed the surgery told the media that, based on what he saw, he didn't think Djokovic would be ready for Wimbledon, but the Serbian never lost hope.

He got back into the gym not long after that, with the goal of getting back to the courts as soon as possible. None of that was obviously confirmation that he would actually play at Wimbledon, but it was a positive sign.

Djokovic doesn't want to miss Wimbledon, but he also doesn't want to force himself to return too soon and risk injuring himself again, especially with the Olympic Games likely being a bigger priority for him than Wimbledon.

According to the most recent report by BBC, Djokovic will travel to London, but that's again not a confirmation that he'll actually play at the event.

According to the British media, the 24-time major winner should travel to London on Monday. Djokovic himself hasn't spoken about his return, but he provided some updates on social media, where he seemed to be in good spirits.

"We keep building day by day. My love for this sport is strong and the desire to compete at the highest level is what keeps me going. I’m going to do my best to be healthy and fit to return to the court as soon as possible."

Djokovic on social media

The 2024 Wimbledon Championships run from July 1st to 14th, so it's clear that the 37-year-old is racing time to be ready in time for the grass-court major, and it's clear that even if he would compete, it would be without any tune-up tournaments.


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