Gauff And Pegula's Berlin Battle Halted By Rain Just 4 Points From Possible Finish

Gauff And Pegula's Berlin Battle Halted By Rain Just 4 Points From Possible Finish

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula are facing a weird situation in their 2024 Berlin Open clash, as the match was suspended only four points prior to a possible conclusion.

Gauff found herself in a tricky spot after Friday, when her quarter-final match against Ons Jabeur was pushed back to Saturday. Rain fell all day long in Berlin, ensuring that the 20-year-old would have to play two matches in one day if she wanted to progress into the final.

She faced Jabeur in her first match on Saturday and advanced after the Tunisian retired after the opening set. It was a lucky break for Gauff, who avoided staying on the court for too long, staying fresher for her second match.

That was a semi-final match against doubles partner Pegula, who knows her very well, which was obvious from their match. The start was solid for both, with no chances on either side.

Pegula, however, could strike first, taking a 4-3 lead in the opening set, which she held for a while but then lost it at 5-4 when she served for the set. The more experienced American broke her opponent's serve once more for a 6-5 lead and then won the opening set 7-5, which was hugely important.

Gauff wasn't as precise as she was in the first match, and it cost her in the end, as she simply couldn't outplay her opponent in the crucial rallies.

The second set was much better for the 20-year-old, who jumped out to an early lead. She could hold it for a while but then lost her serve, which again was proof that she didn't play her best like she did against Jabeur.

Pegula, to her credit, was really solid, so the second set ended up in a tie-break. Pegula opened with a 3-0 lead, but rain interfered at 3-1, stopping the play.

After a while, the players left the court and the tournament organizers announced that the match would be resumed on Sunday, so the winner will have to play two matches in one day, taking on Anna Kalinskaya in the final of the WTA 500 competition.


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