With Alcaraz And Sinner ' Tennis Is In Very Good Hands' According To Retiring Thiem

With Alcaraz And Sinner ' Tennis Is In Very Good Hands' According To Retiring Thiem

by Zachary Wimer

Dominic Thiem will retire from professional tennis after this year, but he thinks it's in very good hands with players like Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner.

Thiem has been part of the top of tennis for many years before injuring his wrist at the Mallorca Championships a few years ago. He even won a Grand Slam at a time when winning one was not that easy because the Big Three were still winning the vast majority of the majors.

Besides that, he also made a few finals at Roland Garros, though he failed to beat Rafael Nadal in Paris. Overall, it was just a very strong career, and that's why he was at ease with announcing his retirement earlier this year.

He's only 30, so he might have definitely played for longer, but overall, Thiem felt like he wanted to end his career. He's not worried about the state of tennis, as the sport always finds a way to keep going.

It has survived the retirements of many legendary players, including Roger Federer, and it will certainly survive in the future.

There are already some huge talents on the ATP Tour, like Alcaraz and Sinner, whom Thiem loves to watch, so the sport is in very good hands, according to the Austrian.

"There are some players from the old generation who are still playing incredible tennis and we have an incredible new generation."

"Now there are two guys who have been No. 1, Sinner and Alcaraz, who are incredible and play great tennis. I love watching them and probably all the fans like watching them, so tennis is in very good hands."

Thiem is not the only one who complimented the Spaniard and the Italian on their level. We've heard everyone, including Novak Djokovic, speak very highly of what will likely be the decade of Sinner and Alcaraz. Some other players might throw themselves into the mix, but right now, they're ahead of everyone else.


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