Ruud Sends Norway Into 2-0 Lead In Davis Cup Tie Against Latvia

Ruud Sends Norway Into 2-0 Lead In Davis Cup Tie Against Latvia

by Zachary Wimer

Casper Ruud is back on the tennis courts, and he did really well by giving Norway a 2-0 lead over Latvia at the 2024 Davis Cup.

Ruud once again suited up for Norway to play in the Davis Cup, and after his compatriot Viktor Durasovic delivered the first point, he delivered the second one. It was a pretty easy matchup for him on paper, and he certainly backed that up by overpowering his opponent on the court.

The winner of this match was never in doubt but it was good seeing Ruud back to winning ways. He had an interesting Australian summer with some really good showings but also some pretty bad ones.

This win was by far his easiest win of all the matches he played in 2024, and that's because he's just a much better player than Martins Rocens.

The opening set was a reall showing of dominance as Ruud won 6-1 thanks to his dominant display. He simply wrecked his opponent from the baseline using the faster indoor conditions to impose his will with both the serve and forehand.

Rocens tried his best in rallies and, at times, really looked solid, but that's the thing about tennis: you have to be solid all the time. It's not enough to play one or two good rallies because to win a game, you have to win several, at least four, and that's where the problem was.

He never really found a way to consistently win that many rallies, and that's why he finished the match with only two games. He could have won a few more, but ultimately, Ruud outplayed him in most games.

It was a really strong showing for the Norwegian, who will be glad to play well and give his country a 2-0 lead, which essentially wins them the tie. We'll see if he steps up for some doubles tomorrow. The final score was 6-1, 6-1 for the Norwegian.


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