Rune Sheds Light On Brutal Anti-Doping Checks Amid Brooksby Ban

Rune Sheds Light On Brutal Anti-Doping Checks Amid Brooksby Ban

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Doping tests are a very serious thing in tennis as players get tested regularly though the system has some big flaws according to Holger Rune.

To preserve the integrity of any sport, athletes need to get tested for prohibited substances. That part is clear and nobody is really complaining about it, but the system itself has some serious flaws which Holger Rune shared in light of his colleague on the ATP Tour getting provisionally banned.

Jenson Brooksby is currently away from tennis after struggling with injuries and undergoing surgery earlier this year. The American is one of the better young players with a bright future but he was just provisionally suspended for missing doping tests.

The 12-month suspension came automatically after the American missed three doping tests in the span of 12 months. He released a statement, denying any wrongdoing and asking for arbitration in front of an independent court.

In light of that, Rune explained on social media how nerve-wracking the whole process can be because he himself had problems in the past. According to Rune, the WADA agents are very strict in the way they handle it.

I overheard the door bell at my home one time (can’t hear when at the balcony) They don’t give a sh... You have to sit by the door for one hour waiting every day 🤷🏼 24/7 52 weeks per year. Super stressed about updating these time sloths daily because we travel so much

Rune on the process

It's very likely that something similar happened to Brooksby which caused him to get a 3rd strike. The American himself explained that he was waiting for the agents where he said he would be but apparently they never showed up resulting in a strike. The American is likely to avoid any suspension if he manages to prove that it really unfolded like that.

"One of the alleged missed tests occurred on June 4th, 2022, in St. Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 2 days before the start of the ATP 250 in St. Hertogenbosch. At the time of that test attempt, I was at the official tournament hotel where I said I would be, and in my hotel room, and the time that I had said I would be there."

World No. 9 in doubles on the WTA Tour, Ellen Perez, backed the Dane's claims as she had similar experience. The Australian also admitted that the tests can be quite brutal and that the athlete can get into trouble quite easily.

"It’s not always as simple as just missing tests though. I got a strike for not listing I was in competition. For anyone that doesn’t understand how stupid this, when in competition they can’t show up at your door. I basically allowed them to come test me and got in trouble."

"Must note: There is 0 benefit to saying you’re out of competition when you’re actually in competition. If anything there is 100% hindrance on yourself by not listing you’re in competition because you now allow them a time slot to show up and test you that morning on a match day."

"I’m not here to defend Brooksby by any means I’m just hear to tell you it’s not all as straight forward as missing tests. There’s so many rules and occurrences that go on that make it very tricky."


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