Federer Backs Nadal For ‘A Few More Magical Runs’

Federer Backs Nadal For ‘A Few More Magical Runs’

by Kadir Macar

Roger Federer took some time out of his busy schedule to interact with tennis fans on Twitter by doing a question-and-answer session.

These days Federer is not spending a lot of time on the court as a retired player but he is remaining busy. He was in the US recently taking part in the Met Gala as a co-chair after which he made his way down to South Beach for the F1 Grand Prix in Miami.

His schedule then took him to Africa where he visited Lesotho as part of his foundation's charitable activities. His most recent endeavour was a written Q and A session on Twitter where he talked about many things including being mistaken for Nadal at the Formula One race in Miami. He was asked by a fan about a funny story when he got mistaken for somebody.

Happened the other day at the Formula 1. A guy asked "Can i have a picture with you Mr Nadal?". I told him I wasn't Mr Nadal. He apologized and left without taking a picture.

Federer on being mistaken for Nada

Another question asked him about Nadal's withdrawal from the 2023 Roland Garros and he, like many other tennis fans, was obviously bummed out by the development as he explained that Nadal's Roland Garros record is incredible.

yes I will miss seeing him play. French Open + @RafaelNadal = one of the most incredible records in history of all sports.

Another Nadal fan asked Federer what the former player could tell a Rafa fan who is sad about the recent developments in his career. As someone who saw his career ended by injuries, Federer provided some warm words for the fan.

i'm with you. but i'm happy for him that he's giving himself the necessary time so that he can come back healthy and make a few more magical runs.


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