"I want to be like him" - NBA superstar Jokic heaps praise on Djokovic

"I want to be like him" - NBA superstar Jokic heaps praise on Djokovic

Novak Djokovic might be the best-known Serbian athlete around the world but he's not the only one as he's got many looking up to him.

Novak Djokovic is the best ambassador for Serbia as his popularity around the world introduced many people to a country that it's not well known. He's put the country onto the map as some would say but he's not the only one.

NBA superstar Nikola Jokic did the same among basketball fans around the world and he looks up to Djokovic as a fellow Serbian and a role model. He wants to be like him because he's doing so many great things for people in Serbia and Jokic wants to do that too.

I don't have his number, to be honest, but he is the guy who represents Serbia in a much bigger scene. He is a Serbian ambassador. He’s really an idol to the kids in Serbia and not just on the court, but in the things his foundation is doing. He is the guy you can look up to, I want to be like him. He's doing something great for kids, for Serbia, for everything. We cannot be compared.

Djokovic indeed enjoys a tremendous amount of popularity back home which isn't surprising as he's the most accomplished athlete in its history. There is a long tradition of sports in Serbia so that's not a small achievement either.

The whole country will watch the 2023 Roland Garros in hopes of their hero winning another one and he's a favourite according to his former coach Becker. The Serbian didn't have a lot of great matches leading up to it but with no Nadal, he and Alcaraz will certainly be given the highest chance to win the event. We'll see if he adds another chapter to his historic career.


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