Roger Federer Visits Lesotho As Part Of Charity Activities

Roger Federer Visits Lesotho As Part Of Charity Activities

by Evita Mueller

Roger Federer is in Africa for some charity work and he traveled to Lesotho for the first time in his life on behalf of his foundation.

Lesotho is a landlocked country surrounded entirely by South Africa and it's not by chance that Federer was there. Hailing from South African heritage through his mother, Federer often visits the country and has a special bond with it.

This time around he decided to make the short trip to Lesotho on behalf of his foundation though his family accompanied him on the trip as well. The goal was to promote education among the youth believing it to be instrumental for everybody. The work with his foundation will be one of his priorities since retiring from tennis.

This is my first time visiting Lesotho. It is a great honour and a moment of extreme excitement for me and my family to be here. I was eager to visit Lesotho as a country and also to see the School Readiness Initiative my foundation has been implementing since 2020 in partnership with you. The good reports about the positive results from our joint interventions and the excellent collaboration my team has experienced working with your government and other partners, has encouraged this urge to visit Lesotho.

Charitable work has been something very important to Federer for a long time. The foundation was established to help with various noble goals around the world but having roots in Africa inspired Federer to base many of his efforts on that continent.

Education has been at the forefront of many of his campaigns building schools and giving younger generations access to proper education as the future of the world will be in the hands of those generations in decades' time.

All children in Lesotho deserve access to equitable quality early education in public primary schools, yet the majority of ECCE is still being provided by the private sector. This results in children from economically marginalised families being left out of schooling… The task at hand is therefore enormous and urgent if we are to avoid more generations of children missing out on quality foundational early learning.

It's both a work and relaxing family trip for Federer who had a busy month attending the Met Gala in New York and Formula One race in Miami recently.


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